Mandatory Electronic Cattle Tracking (USDA-NAIS)

A few talking points of major concern:

Implementation of an animal ID system is an enormous, and possibly an unachievable task. The United States has 100 million cattle and calves owned by more than one million producers, 60 million hogs, six million sheep and lambs, unknown millions of horses, and more than 700 million chickens and turkeys. Many issues related to a national animal ID program are still unresolved. However, it appears that the USDA is going to impose the system and enforce compliance no matter what the consequence.

I - Unfunded Government Mandate is going to cost everybody something and some people a lot.

  1. Large producers will absorb the cost and pass them on to the consumer.
  2. Small producers will be unreasonably burdened with compliance costs and expensive computer equipment, and many will be driven out of business.
  3. In the long run consumers will end up paying much more for beef.
  4. Foreign beef that isn't burdened by high compliance cost will have unfair market advantages.
  5. Every County Fair, Rodeo, Horse Show, and Gymkhana will be forced to have a premise identification number (PIN) and report all commingling of animals belonging to different owners. This will require ID scanners, computers, and technically trained personnel to keep records - "forever".

II - The Feds are going to push this through the way they want it and will listen, but ignore input from consumers, producers, or livestock associations.

  • (Remember, When the Government actually wants the public's real opinion they get us to vote.  When they want to pretend that they want our opinion they have listening sessions, and ask you to log on to their website and express your opinion.)

III - The Federal program will impose rules and restrictions that they consider beneficial to them, but not provide features beneficial to producers.

  1. Create a hugely expensive program with no benefits to the producer, only expensive mandatory compliance.
  2. The USDA will have the ability to track, find, quarantine, and destroy more livestock than any time in human history.
  3. The profitable benefits of a large national cattle database are not going to be implemented into the USDA program.
    1. Proof of age.
    2. Breeder info for the feedlot.
    3. Lifetime history of health and veterinary care.

IV - Liability.

  1. Are producers appropriately protected from the consequences of the actions of others, after their animals are no longer in their own control?
  2. Producers will be forced to guarantee liability for all food safety problems.

V - Confidentiality.

  1. Who has access to the data used in the NAIS?
  2. Will the IRS have access this data to see how many cattle you own, raise, purchase, or sell?
  3. Can PETA subpoena cattle records if they engage in legal action against a producer, stocker, feeder, or processor?

VI - Follow the Money - Who is going to profit?

  1. The electronic chip companies are drooling in anticipation of a mandatory tracking program so they can profit by selling $2-$3 tags for over 100,000,000 animals annually in the USA.
  2. There are an estimated 1-million cattle producers. Each of them will need to have a chip scanner, and computer equipment with unknown costs.
  3. Several thousand new government employees will have great high paying jobs enforcing compliance.
  4. Computer savvy service providers are going be hired to assist non-computer-geek farmer/ranchers to attain compliance with a database that is as foreign to them as a Chinese Crossword Puzzle. (USDA Compliance Service Providers.)
  5. Large livestock auction facilities that can afford the equipment will enjoy great growth, while the small local livestock auctions will be forced by their own government to close down.

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